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Client: PLUS | VMM | Rubenstein

At PLUS in the year 2020 from September 6 to October 17, for every 10 euros of groceries (and with weekly action products) you received two cards with fun facts about animals and plants from forester Arjan Postma.

In collaboration with PLUS, VMM and Rubinstein IJsfontein developed the PLUS Buiten app, in which these cards can be scanned and they come to life in a surprising way. By simply holding the card in front of the camera, plants and animals come to life in beautiful 3D AR animations and Arjan Postma tells fun facts in (holographic) videos, so you learn even more about nature in the Netherlands!

Besides scanning the tickets for extra information and experience, the app also keeps track of which tickets you already have and which tickets you still need to collect. Furthermore, you can use the camera to transform yourself into, for example, a rabbit and a fox or promote yourself to forester.