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Client: Red Jezelf

In cooperation with serious games developer, Red Jezelf, IJsfontein has developed the game ‘Op eigen kracht’ (‘Using your own strength’), additional training for GPs equipping them to help patients become more self-reliant.

Underlying factors

The GP is faced with patients who keep consulting them without a cause being found for their complaints. For both the GP and the patient, the angle is to address the underlying factors governing the actions.

Ask the right questions

The game starts with a waiting room where you see all today’s patients. The GP (player) consults with a patient and a dialogue arises. It is up to the player to ask the right questions. If you don’t, it may be that the patient comes back the very next day. If you ask the right questions, however, making the patient feel heard and helped, this will result in a higher points score and the patient will not show up again for the time being. You play this game for a total of ten days. During these ten days you are supposed to play all scenarios and help the patients to become more self-reliant.


‘Op eigen kracht’ is the first refresher training for GPs in the form of a game which is also accredited (with 4 points), both for GPs and for occupational physicians.


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