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Client: Soa Aids Nederland

IJsfontein developed the serious game No or Go in collaboration with Soa Aids Nederland and Rutgers WPF. Regional Health Services Holland Noord rolled it out in the Oscar Romero school. No or Go is part of the Maak Seks Lekker Duidelijk (Make Sex Nice and Clear) campaign.

In short

No or Go allows poorly qualified young people at ages from 14 until 16 years to become aware of their sexual identity. In a fun game, young people play a variety of scenarios regarding intimate contact. They are confronted with their own sexuality.

How it works

Per scenario, players can choose from four reactions, varying from a wait-and-see approach to pushy. This way a profile of the sexual personality of players becomes evident.

Awareness by gaming

The game’s goal is to create awareness among young people about the behaviour regarding relationships and sex. It makes young people think of who they are and what they would like to change. The game is part of the Maak Seks Lekker Duidelijk campaign. IJsfontein also developed the game Can You Fix It for this campaign.


You can play the game here.


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