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Microbes. The smallest life forms on our planet. Invisible, enigmatic, but essential on earth and in our bodies. For Micropia, together with Kossmanndejong and Bind, we developed two museum exhibits that show visitors in an interactive and playful way how microbes are applied to make us healthier and processes more sustainable.

 Selective cures

Are you making Peter better? The Selective cures’ set-up challenges visitors to help a sick patient and choose the right treatment. In this game, developed in collaboration with the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the RIVM, you can discover when and how you can best use antibiotics. By moving a ring over the patient’s body, you discover the microbes in his body. You see bacteria and discover whether they are good or not. Players have to decide together what they are going to do to treat the patient. Are you giving Peter antibiotics? Or do you let him get sick? Antibiotics can help to make the patient better, but is not always the best solution. And then you also have to watch out for antibiotic resistance…

Not born yeasterday

What do bioplastics, lactose-free milk and stock cubes have in common? Yeast. Yeast has been used for centuries to make bread, beer and other products. But the possibilities of this microbe are endless. The ‘Not born yeasterday’ set-up makes visitors familiar with the application of yeast in industrial biotechnology.

How does this work?

By controlling the conveyor belt, visitors can learn more about how yeast improves our daily products. Animation videos and quizzes tell you the story. In this way, we make a complex subject accessible to a wide audience.




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