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Alle veel gestelde vragen

It is difficult to answer what we do EXACTLY. After all, we are involved in a lot of activities. Nevertheless, there is a common thread. Our keywords are always ‘playing’ and ‘learning’. Sometimes it is about ‘hardcore’ learning and receiving student credits when using one of our tools, at other time we focus more on entertainment. At Ijsfontein, we are very good at creating complex content by applying technique and design in the right way. You can contact us if you want us to create a serious game or gamified e-learning module. For example, for the training of staff or bringing about behaviour changes in patients.

We are also involved in the discussion about the role of technology and play in the public space. We develop many interactive installations for museums. We also excel in designing products for children. These products may range from a fun App for toddlers to an online platform aimed at making young people aware of sexual misconduct. Furthermore, for 18 years now we have been collaborating with Malmberg publishers. Together we digitalize and gamify teaching methods and discuss the role of play and digital learning in the classroom.