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In theory, there is no real difference. E-learning means electronic learning. A serious game is often digital, and can therefore be categorized as an e-learning product. In practice, there are however differences. With a serious game the behaviour of the player is the most important aspect. Serious games are developed by game designers. Game designers base their games on form and experience. E-learning products are often designed by educators who base their games more on content and instructional steps. Depending on your learning objectives, you can choose a more traditional e-learning product or a serious game. Naturally, in practice there are many products that are a mix of the two. In these cases we don’t speak of a game, but the user is nevertheless motivated by game mechanics to learn more or repeat the material. But be careful though: simply applying a few game mechanics is not a good idea. This often has no effect and sometimes even works counter-productively. Game design is an art in itself!