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Some stories are best told in an interactive way. Therefore, exhibitions and other rooms with an informative function (public space, hospital, reception area) increasingly make use of interactivity. This is done by using interactive objects that are part of the exhibition, such as touch screens and/or objects that give people a personal ‘tour’ (think of an audio tour or multimedia tour). Collaboration between curators and content experts is always important in achieving a good result. Naturally, the costs vary greatly depending on the type of project. But to give a good indication, starting from €30,000 you can create an audio tour. In addition to an attractive application with content, interactive installations also require hardware that can withstand rough handling. For a small interactive installation, you should easily expect a cost of around €40,000. For larger interactive installations or complete exhibitions we work with budgets ranging from € 100,000 to more than 1 million.