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5 juni 2018

‘Do you like this?’

‘We made this application in order to raise awareness. We would like to test with you whether that works.’

‘If you click on this button, you go to the next page, does that make sense to you?’

Just a couple of questions you hear a lot in user testing. Unfortunately, all the answers will be useless. User testing seems so simple, but it is an awkward business. For instance. you need to stay silent until it gets slightly awkward and you cannot help someone if your natural instinct tells you to do so. The expertise of the test leader, defines the value of your user test. That is true for designers but maybe even truer for academics validating applications, games and simulations.

Luckily we have a workshop

IJsfontein has been collaborating with universities for over 15 years. In the past years we have been asked similar questions about how to conduct a user test over and over again. There is a gap between scientific protocols that result in academic valid data and protocols that deliver useful insights for an iterative design process. Over the years we gained know-how and designed tools to bridge that gap. We have seen that instead of two mutually exclusive processes, the nature of iterative design can support the academic rigour of your research design. Therefore we designed a workshop on user testing and design research for academics working in the field of (game) design validation.

Vrouw met VR bril

What to expect

In this workshop we will share our knowledge on user experience research. You will get practical tips and insights on how to organise a user test, how to introduce your product and how to ask useful questions. You will get hands-on experience in user testing with your own product. Furthermore, we will provide the necessary frameworks to incorporate the user tests in your research design.

Practical information

Date & time

June 26 2018. We start at 13.00. The interactive workshop takes 4 hours. After the workshop there will be drinks.


IJsfontein is located in the centre of Amsterdam on the ‘Marineterrein’. It is a 20-minute walk from Central Station.


Regular fare – € 400,- PhD students – € 200,-

Apply now!

Due to the interactive nature of the workshop, there is a limited amount of spots available. If you are interested in joining the workshop but do not (yet) have a project or product of your own, no problem. You are very welcome to join the workshop using one of our pilot projects. The deadline for application is the 22nd of June. Apply now by sending an e-mail to info@ijsfontein.nl. If you have any questions about the workshop, you can always give us a call (+31 20 33 00 111 ) or send an e-mail to info@ijsfontein.nl.