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Client: Waterbouw.nl

In the game, young people can discover what exciting projects are being carried out in hydraulic engineering. Players can get acquainted with different roles in hydraulic engineering, learn all about all kinds of vehicles, ships and machines that are used, and they can practice the daily dilemmas of a hydraulic engineering project by having to carry them out themselves.

Take on the role of a dredger and create a new world!

In each level, a player becomes responsible for completing a project as well as possible. What should be done first and who should actually do it and with what piece of equipment? What conditions determine these choices? Ultimately, stars can be earned if a project is completed and it did not cost too much time and/or money!

 Play with ships with fantastic names

A crane ship or a barge might be something everyone can imagine, but what about a water injection dredger, a stone dumping vessel or a trailing suction hopper dredger? They are all in the game and can be played with. This way you can discover what they can or can’t do and when they can best be deployed!

Come work in the dredging industry

The game has been developed to introduce young people to the dredging industry and to make them enthusiastic about choosing an education in this area. Young people can be stimulated through various channels to play the game, for example while visiting open days or as part of a teaching package. And when they play it, they can invite new players by sending them a challenge from within the game.

Is dredging perhaps also something for you? Download the game from www.waterbouw.nl/maakdewereld and find out for yourself!